Dorna Brown Photography

I live in Simi Valley on a small ranch.I own horses, miniature donkeys,  a miniature horse, chickens, four dogs and a 50 lb. tortoise named Cowboy.Oh! I almost forgot.I own a parrot named Banjo, a canary named Solo and two Gouldian Finches named Bonny and Clyde.They bring so much joy into my life.I don’t think there is a day that goes by that they don’t make me smile or laugh.I also have four beautiful grandchildren that I love to spend time with.

I have been studying photography under a private instructor and have turned a hobby into a profession.It is my passion and I love everything about it!  Almost nothing (except for God and my grandchildren) brings me more joy than making clients happy with their photos.  

With equine photography, I own my own horses so I understand their nature. It gives me the ability to capture their personality and the bond they have with their person.   

I also like to reveal the nature and feelings of people, to catch sincere moments, and to create pictures with the mood and atmosphere. My photographs are designed for you to re-immerse yourselves in those moments even after some time has passed. Through photograph, you can experience moments of happiness, giving you a new way to see yourself and your loved ones.  

I’m happiest with my work when I create a picture that embraces a moment, a story, and a compositional integrity. Life is an adventure and we want to help you capture it!